Security Patrols

Elite security limited believes in making the surroundings safer and more peaceful. For this, we take significant strides to enhance the quality of our services and provide a secure place to our customers. Thus, we introduce mobile patrol security services. These services are provided through smartly trained officers that make on the spot decision with fast and effective actions at the hour of need. Our guards randomly patrol the site with well-equipped vehicles to ensure that the respective property is safe and sound. Before such security activities, our security guards receive top-notch security training to meet the standards. These training include incidents and emergencies. Thus, providing them the confidence to perform actively.

On the efficient alarms on the property, our guards provide emergency responses. Our operation centres will locate the alarm site and direct the security guards toward there. Not just this, but we provide guaranteed emergency response, and these large vehicles then ensure a swift reaction. Moreover, you can count on our guards’ skills as if anything appears out of order to them, like any suspicious person or activity, they will immediately deal with the situation.

The following activates will be checked by the patrol guards:

  • Lock and unlock doors.
  • Property damage.
  • Safety hazards.
  • Suspicious activities
  • Surrounding check to keep the environment safe.

It is often seen that our mobile patrol security program is a safer option than any other security operation. Most properties face less frequent incidents and can deter the security with such mobile security than any other. The regular presence of such patrol security on your property is an effective tool in detecting any criminal activity.

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