Residential security

To feel safe in our homes is the desire of everyone. This is not just about the single house but also for any gated community or complex. The need for security is increased with every passing day. Have you ever felt in such a way? Yes, of course, you do. So, concerning for your this need we have introduced the residential security services.

You will find us the most professional and leading security providers through the expertise and facilities we offer. To any resident, the greatest threat is theft, break-in, and assault, and for this, we offer alarm and electronic gates with good security measures. We armed our unarmed guards to protect the uniqueness of your residence.

In any Condominium security service, the first impression is the gates. When there is zero supervision, anyone can freely enter your residence. Our professionally trained guards aid you to make this first impression strong through identification, maintaining visitors list with resident and visitors assistance.

The second most important service we provide in any residential area is patrolling. Our guards provide regular and irregular foot or vehicle patrolling. Through this, potential damage can be identified and handled earlier. Moreover, they can also monitor the traffic and parking controls and suspicious behaviors.

The residential security guards are also trained for emergencies and incidents. So, in any situation, they will be the first to respond. Moreover, they also help call police, fire, and medical personnel as soon as possible. The activities we offer are:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled Patrolling.
  • Securing the property.
  • Maintaining a list of visitors.
  • Identifying suspicious activities.
  • Assisting the residents.
  • Implementing the plans.
  • Controlling the monitoring of the residential area.
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