Construction security

As we know that construction sites are the ones that boom all around the year in the whole country, and the thieves have taken advantage of this increased opportunity to commit crimes. This is because construction sites are loaded with extensive materials and equipment. Due to the large construction sites, multiple access points contain security issues. Moreover, various visitors visit the construction site throughout the day. According to a survey in 2016, the total equipment stolen from a construction site cost $300 million. However, the recovery rate is only 20%.

At Elite security limited in Edmonton, we provide construction security services and partner with the client to provide guards who understand the security issues at construction sites. They are skilled in handling theft, vandalism, and difficult situation. Moreover, as every construction site is different thus the facility of custom security is also available.

Moreover, investing in the most profitable construction site security company is a decision that decides the future of your construction site. Thus, it can be taken lightly. For this, one needs the most reliable and skill-full guards to protect the site and valuable material of the site. In short, we can say that you need a security company that cares for your construction site as you do. So, protecting the client’s site is the utmost priority for the Elite security limited. The guards are exceptionally loyal and trained.

The facilities we offer are:

  • Can handle theft and vandalism.
  • Control material theft.
  • Control any tool theft.
  • Control the access of the site as well as monitoring.
  • Removing the loiterers
  • Provide Security guards for construction sites and remove possible hazards from the sites.
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